Patxi’s Vegan Chicago Pizza in SF Delivered

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We apologise for saying your name wrong “Patxi’s” it is actually pronounced “pah’-cheese” 🙂

If the video doesn’t appear below please this link: Patxi’s Vegan Chicago Pizza in SF Delivered

@Allofitnow and I had Vegan deep dish Chicago pizza delivered form Patxi’s in SF. If you’re not Vegan you’re most likely thinking “Big Deal” what’s so grand about delivery? If your Vegan and don’t live in San Francisco your jaw has dropped, hit the floor, and you love to hate me :). If you’re Vegan and want a Vegan pizza its normally a DIY or nothing at all deal. Patxi’s in SF has stolen my

For more info on:

@PatxisPizza on Twitter

@daiyacheese on Twitter


  • Hello Vegans! We are very happy to be able to offer four styles of vegan vegan pizza, including our deep dish styles. We are considering adding a couple of vegan meats to our menu this year – but it is hard to find the room since we have so many ingredients already (we have 22 veggie toppings). In the meantime, enjoy!

  • Also, regarding our name “Patxi’s” it is actually pronounced “pah’-cheese”. It is a Basque word that is used as a nickname, meaning “little Francisco”. Francisco “Patxi” Azpiroz is the co-founder of Patxi’s and his father was also named Francisco, hence the Patxi nickname. But don’t worry, how you pronounce Patxi’s does not in any way affect the flavor of the pizza! 🙂

  • Reading_rhino says:

    Also Daiya is pronounced day-ah not die-ah. It’s on their website.

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