Sustainability is gaining increased attention around the world, from diets to everyday lifestyles. As our human population continues to grow so should our concerns about climate change.

Plant based diets reduce our environmental impact by approximately 30% compared to carnivorous diets, unfortunately eating healthy is not enough to reduce our overall environmental impact.


Watch Shell’s 1991 Video Warning of Catastrophic Climate Change

Entomopathogenic Fungi and Mycologist Paul Stamets

Mycologist Paul Stamets lists 6 ways the mycelium fungus can help with: cleaning polluted soil, making insecticides, treating smallpox and even flu viruses.

Want to know more? Watch his TED Talk.

Since Entomopathogenic Fungi are considered natural mortality agents and environmentally safe, there is worldwide interest in the use and manipulation of entomopathogenic fungi for biological control of insects and other arthropod pests.

sorce wikipedia

Finland Could Be The First Country To Make Coal Power Illegal

As the world begins to slowly phase out coal power, Finland is going a step further: a total ban.

Finland Could Be The First Country To Make Coal Power Illegal

The U.K. is phasing out coal. Canada is phasing out coal. Austria, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, and Portugal are doing the same thing. Finland may go a step further: The government has proposed completely banning coal-powered electricity by 2030.

That’s a stricter stance than a phase-out, which could in some cases allow certain coal plants to keep operating. In Canada, which plans to phase out coal by 2030, coal plants can technically stay open past that deadline if they install carbon-capture technology.

Thousands of Invisible Oil Spills Are Destroying the Gulf

Twelve years later, the mess is still leaking. For the full article please visit wired.

18 Plastic Bottle Hacks

Perhaps the most impressive #plastic bottle #hacks we’ve seen yet!

18 Plastic Bottle Life Hacks You Should KnowBy: Thaitrick

Posted by Beauty & Health on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark are building a wind energy island.

World Economic Forum

A Wind Energy Island?

Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark are building a wind energy island. Check it out. (via World Economic Forum)

Posted by Climate Reality on Monday, April 3, 2017

Microfibers From Our Clothes Are Polluting The Oceans

Microfibers from our clothes are poisoning the oceans.

Posted by ATTN: Video on Saturday, April 1, 2017

Turn Your Apartment Into An Apothecary With 7 Healing Houseplants

Here’s a guide to help you choose the perfect plant for you!

Rain Barrels?! 

🌧 April showers bring May flowers…and June flowers…and July flowers… Install a rain barrel and you could harvest rain water to irrigate your plants during the upcoming sunny days – saving water AND money. Check with your local water agency for possible rain barrel rebates and workshops. Check out the Save Our Water website for more information: rainwater harvesting
#keepsavingca Water Conservation. It’s for life.

Kentucky Coal Museum Installs Solar Panels To Save On Electricity 

The museum is installing solar panels on its roof, part of a project aimed at lowering the energy costs of one of the city’s largest electric customers. It’s also a symbol of the state’s efforts to move away from coal as its primary energy source as more coal-fired power plants are replaced by natural gas. The state legislature recently lifted its decades-old ban on nuclear power.

To read the full article, please visit nbc4i

America’s first 100% Organic, Self Sustainable Neighborhood Is In Detroit!

“In the U.S., food travels 25% farther than it traveled about 20 years ago. With all this travel, freshness suffers and so does the environment. But more and more people are seeking out locally grown food, so communities that solve this problem in a sustainable way could make a big difference.”

For the full article, visit the hearty soul.

Unique Garden Design Schematics from Ikea

“This easily-constructed new IKEA product could feed dozens of people in your very own neighborhood – and the blueprints are available for download free of charge.”

Visit the good news network for the blueprints.


Get your garden on the weekend and skip on the dirt. Save water and cut out the fertilizers.

To read this article, visit horse and man.

Out Plastic Planet Is Not O.K.


It's time to ditch the disposable plastics

Posted by Zinc on Saturday, November 5, 2016

Food Waste Hero, Denmark

The food waste fighter

One woman's battle against food waste.

Posted by BBC Business News on Monday, February 27, 2017

No Single-use Plastic Allowed

India has banned all forms of disposable plastic in its capital

Delhi has outlawed all single-use plastics. Source: The Guardian

Posted by World Economic Forum on Saturday, February 25, 2017

This Grocery Store Is Perfect For People Who Love The Environment

This Grocery Store Is Perfect For People Who Love The Environment

This Grocery Store Is Perfect For People Who Love The Environment

Posted by BuzzFeed Video on Friday, February 17, 2017

Rise Of The Robot Bees: Tiny Drones Turned Into Artificial Pollinators by NPR

For the full NPR article select this link


The Importance Of Bees

The importance of bees brought to you by the BBC and this video found on facebook of two bees enjoying a wallow in this flower. For the full article select this link > BBC UK.

Great Barrier Reef dead at 25 million

“The Great Barrier Reef has been declared dead by scientists at 25 million years old — bringing an end to the colorful life of the world’s largest single structure of living organisms.”

For the full article please select this link > nypost

France bans #plastic cups, plates and cutlery. #Environment

Posted by Vegan Kitchen TV on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Great Barrier Reef is just one of a number of reefs in trouble. This is why you should care.

Watch the full World Economic Forum Betazone session here:

Why should we care about coral reefs?

The Great Barrier Reef is just one of a number of reefs in trouble. This is why you should care.Watch the full World Economic Forum Betazone session here:

Posted by World Economic Forum on Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Endangered Bat Spices May Never Recover from Changes In Climate

A recent heatwave in Australia is responsible for the death of thousands of bats. Some of the endangered spices may never recover from these changes in climate.

Thousands of Giant Bats Killed

A massive heat wave just wiped out thousands of bats.

Posted by AJ+ on Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cleaning Oil Spills

This technique could clean up oil spills using magnets.

Posted by Hashem Al-Ghaili on Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fancy a Poop-Powered Car? Emission-Controlled, Of Course

A crapload of fecal firsts, read the full article here ubiome blog.

Radioactive #Diamond #Batteries: Making Good Use Of #NuclearWaste

Posted by Vegan Kitchen TV on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tips for a Plastic Free Life

“Do you think it’s possible to live life without plastic? Or to at least live with less of it?  Check out this list of plastic-free and less plastic alternatives and see for yourself.”

For the full article select my plastic free life

Upcycle an Old Sweater to Make a Pet Pillow

Use an old sweater to make a pillow for dogs.

Posted by Wikr Family on Friday, February 3, 2017

Upcycling this unwanted sweater into a pet bed keeps it out of the landfill, which in turn is better for the environment. If you don’t want to use your unwanted clothing, shoes, and other materials please take a look into textile recycling companies and donation bins.

Nozzle uses 98% less water

Nozzle uses 98% less water

This nozzle uses 98% less water than a regular tap.

Posted by INSIDER design on Monday, September 26, 2016

Sweden Fights Disposable Culture

Sweden Fights Disposable Culture

Sweden wants people to fix things rather than throw them away.

Posted by AJ+ on Thursday, October 6, 2016


Could This Machine Be The future Of Waste Disposal?

This machine does something great with your leftovers

The future of waste disposal 🙌

Posted by Viral Thread on Thursday, January 12, 2017



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